OpenSourcePV is a company founded by Lionel Van Holle in 2019 with the ambition to make use of free & open source technologies to raise the standards of pharmacovigilance and provide an affordable & competitive alternative to expensive softwares specialized into pharmacovigilance.

To meet their regulatory obligations, pharma companies need to monitor the safety of their products. When they start to have a strong pipeline and multiple products on the market, the amount of data to be reviewed is soon to large to be reviewed manually. To benefit from quantitative analysis, they currently have two options: either they use an expensive suite of tools or they try to build something on their own.

With OpenSourcePV, we accompany their journey in quantitative signal detection allowing them to benefit from pre-built modules and building something customized to their specific needs and data sources. Our mantra is transparency, so whatever is built for them will be owned by them with the ability to modify it to adapt to their future needs. The existing modules are the following ones 'VAERS Analytics', 'FAERS Analytics', 'StandAlone Signal Detection' on their own spontaneous report data and 'Competitive Intelligence' to compare safety profile to existing competitors on the market.